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Real Estate

The experience and presence of Carlson Law Group, Inc. in the Real Estate industry is unsurpassed. We enjoy the status of being the primary defense counsel for a major insurance company that provides errors and omissions coverage to real estate brokers throughout California. Through this relationship we represent hundreds of real estate brokers in a variety of matters. Carlson Law Group, Inc. is also on retainer as corporate counsel for several large brokerage firms.

Carlson Law Group, Inc, is active with the California Association of Realtors and with several local boards of realtors. This experience allows our lawyers to be on the cutting edge of legislation and industry trends that impact the business of real estate professionals. We work with our clients to make changes to their business practices so that they are ready for changes in legislation or industry regulations before they occur.

Our reputation as favored counsel is not limited to real estate professionals. We have also represented scores of individual homebuyers, investors and business people in the acquisition, sale and lease of residential, commercial and industrial properties. Clients often come to us for assistance during problematic or sometimes failing transactions. Unlike some firms that seem intent on creating litigation, we strive to create solutions. We are proud to be able to say that we have never failed in helping a client close a deal.

We also represent escrow companies as well as mortgage brokers in litigated matters. Our practice also extends to resolving employment and administrative disputes that face our real estate clients. We are experienced with the regulations issued by the Department of Real Estate and have represented numerous clients during inquiries and disciplinary actions brought by the Department of Real Estate. We have also assisted clients in defending against employment related claims brought by employees as well as independent contractors.

Our practice also extends to representing clients in both residential and commercial leases. Several businesses routinely rely upon us to assist them in negotiating long-term leases of commercial properties.

Our land use and governmental relations attorneys handle all legal matters related to permits, licenses, entitlements, zoning and related land use matters. We have political relationships that allow us to help our clients present their business interests before a variety of local and State governmental entities.

Risk Management

Carlson Law Group, Inc. is not only about solving business disputes, we also focus on working with clients to avoid them. Two major insurance companies and several real estate brokerage companies are successfully using the unique risk management services offered by Carlson Law Group, Inc. We provide “hot-line” services that allow clients to obtain legal advice during the course of a transaction or project in order to navigate through potential problems that might lead to a lawsuit. We also regularly conduct seminars to educate clients in ways to avoid litigation.

Construction Law

Our lawyers have significant experience in representing developers, General Contractors and Sub-Contractors in both contract disputes and construction defect litigation. Because our attorneys are familiar with the business of construction, we are able to work with clients to achieve practical solutions to contract disputes. Similarly, our familiarity with construction methods and materials has proven to be a distinct advantage for clients involved in construction defect litigation. Our attorneys have represented national Developers, General Contractors and nearly every type of Sub-Contractor trade.

Mark Carlson was on a committee of attorneys and judges that drafted the Los Angeles Superior Court Construction Defect Manual that judges use throughout Lost Angeles County to manage construction defect litigation. We have also defended clients in employment and worker’s compensation related claims. Our experience in the business of construction has proven to be an asset to our clients in resolving claims of this nature.

Business Formation

Carlson Law Group, Inc. has significant experience handling business litigation and unfair trade practice claims. We routinely represent and defend companies in lawsuits alleging unfair trade practices ranging from advertising loans to discriminating against prospective homebuyers. In addition to unfair trade practice litigation we are also facilitators in the efforts by some lobbying groups to makes positive changes to the laws that allow for unfair trade practice claims. Through these experiences our lawyers have developed unique strategies to protect clients from lawsuits that are often brought by law firms where the plaintiffs are either employees of that firm or are fictitious entities.

Mark Carlson was a member of a select group of attorneys who worked closely with the California Association of Realtors to protect real estate brokers from frivolous lawsuits brought under the guise of an unfair trade practice claim. He coordinated efforts with the California Association of Realtors to change the existing unfair trade practice statutes in order to eliminate the abuses while preserving the purpose of those statutes of providing relief for legitimate claims.

Carlson Law Group Inc. also routinely advises entrepreneurs on what form of business entity best suits their needs and has formed many corporations, partnerships, limited partnerships and limited liability companies. Here again our experience in business matters is a “value added” benefit for clients.

Products Liability

The lawyers at Carlson Law Group, Inc. are very experienced in handling litigated matters arising out of allegedly defective products. Our attorneys have handled cases involving medical devices, manufacturing equipment, automotive parts, exercise equipment, food products, pharmaceuticals and construction materials. These matters have ranged from defectively manufactured products to defectively designed products to the lack of adequate warnings.

Mark Carlson has represented nationally known pharmaceutical and chemical companies in complex multijurisdictional federal court cases. Mr. Carlson worked closely with his clients’ corporate counsel and national counsel to ensure that the positions taken in litigation were consistent with the company’s business practices and strategies. Mr. Carlson uses this experience to involve his clients in the decision making process during a lawsuit so that the client’s business, as a whole, is better served.

Carlson Law Group Inc. also routinely advises entrepreneurs on what form of business entity best suits their needs and has formed many corporations, partnerships, limited partnerships and limited liability companies. Here again our experience in business matters is a “value added” benefit for clients.

General Civil Litigation

The lawyers at Carlson Law Group, Inc. have a significant amount of experience in claims arising out of slip and falls, auto accidents, defective products and dangerous conditions found on real property. Our experience in this field has been gained trough representing insureds of large insurance companies such as State Farm Insurance Company, Allstate Insurance Company, 21" Century Insurance Company, CNA HealthPro and Legion Insurance Company - to name a few.

The lawyers at Carlson Law Group, Inc. have been favored in the handling of cases involving wrongful death and major injuries such as amputations, disfigurement, paralysis and electrocution. We also have a significant amount of experience in cases where punitive damages are at issue.

Our experience arises out of representing many different types of business owners such as restaurateurs, construction companies, garage owners and shop keepers. We have also represented homeowners through their homeowner’s general liability insurance. Our experience in these professions has allowed us to provide clients with accurate estimates of potential exposure for a claimant's injuries as well as litigation costs. These estimates enable our clients to determine very early whether a case should be settled or tried.