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Endorsements -
July 20, 2010

Congratulations to Anne Watson for successfully arguing a Motion for Summary Judgment resulting in another victory for our client! On the day of the hearing, the judge's tentative ruling was to deny the motion. During the oral arguments Mrs. Watson persuaded the judge to change her mind and rule in favor of our clients.
February 15, 2011

Congratulations to Chris DeLaPlane of CLG for another victory. Chris obtained a dismissal of case against our clients where the plaintiffs claimed that they did not know the terms of the loan our clients helped arrange. The court agreed with Chris that the plaintiffs waited too long to bring their lawsuit and dismissed the case.
October 12, 2011

Congratulations to Mark Carlson of CLG for another victory. Mark won an arbitration case where a bank refused to release his client's large deposit on a commercial property. The client learned toward the end of escrow on his attempt to purchase the property that the bank had failed to disclose a zoning issue that would have made the client's development plans impractical. The bank refused to cancel the escrow or return the deposit. The arbitrator found that the client was entitled to cancel and awarded the return of the full deposit along with attorneys fees and costs.

CARLSON LAW GROUP, INC. is a full service real estate and civil litigation law firm with clientele including a range of local and national corporations as well as private entrepreneurs. As legal advisers our mission is simple: help clients resolve business challenges and disputes. Having offices in both Northern and Southern California enables us to represent clients throughout the entire state and by using the latest most efficient technology we interface with law firms of all sizes while providing the best legal services to our clients. Unlike some firms that do not regularly handle cases through trial, the lawyers at Carlson Law Group, Inc. try several cases a year and have the trial experience required to give useful “real world” advice, not jargon-filled theoretical explanations good only in academia that are of little use to business people.